Transform Your Home Office With Upcycled Wooden Office Furniture

Your home office should be a place where you can relax and get some much-needed work done. Whether you have a designated room or a small converted office space in an empty corner you need to know that you deserve much more than an ordinary metal office desk. Your home office should be a reflection of the work that you do and there is very little that can go wrong when you choose to make use of wood to transform your office space.

Whether you are just paying the bills or burning the midnight oil to meet that looming deadline here are our top tips for transforming your home office with upcycled wooden furniture.

Location and design

If you regularly make use of your home office you do not want to be cramped into a tiny space with no windows. Make sure that you have a functioning area for your office to be based. Once you have selected your area the first item you need to consider putting in place is a desk. If you have a large room then you can take a look at larger pieces. But, if you simply have a smaller area to work with you will need to take a look at a desk which is fit for purpose.

Form vs Function

Your desk does not have to be the centerpiece of your home office but it does have to be functional for your needs. Make sure that the wooden desk you are choosing is sturdy. Upcycled wood has the ability to bring an element of warmth to your home office. The most common wood chosen for office desks is Pine. Pine is a light wood which can be stained to ensure that it matches your home office design seamlessly.

Your desk, as well as any shelves and other storage items, should all serve a dedicated purpose. For your home office to be functional it is important that it is organized. You will also need to take into consideration, your workflow. Everything that you need should be at your fingertips. It is a great idea to invest in wooden furniture which can serve multiple purposes. Your home office should also complement the design throughout the rest of your home. Consider pairing your upcycled wood items with soft chairs or matching upcycled cabinets and tables to give your home office a contemporary feel.

The right accessories

You can easily enhance the coziness of your home office with a few added extras to give it a personal touch. The great thing about choosing wood as the base for your home office is that it can be easily customizable with a few trendy sticky notes or a funky wastepaper basket, without feeling as though you are bordering on kitsch. Wood can also be paired with a variety of interesting colored fabrics to really make the room pop. Also, consider adding a few colorful walk paintings or inspirations quotes on your walls to give the room another dimension of depth.