Orange Blossom and Tiny Grapes

It’s now a week since we came from our home in Bolton to our Spanish home, and the first few days were really disappointing weather-wise, but yesterday (Sunday) was a beautiful warm and sunny typical spring day. Today I am trying to get the garden in some sort of order as it has been a long winter and outdoors has been neglected.

I just had to take a photo of the wonderful apple blossom because it looks so pretty and smells amazing.

The strange thing about this tree is the previous owners of the house told us it hadn’t ever bore fruit in the 30 years they lived in the house, and the first few years it didn’t for us either, then all of a sudden, 4 years ago we noticed it was blossoming, and that summer we had so many oranges we were making fresh juice every day. The following year we didn’t get anything, but last year once again it flowered, though the yield was light.

It looks like this year we’ll be getting a good batch if the amount of blossom is anything to go by…I will keep you posted!

I was also delighted to see the tiny grapes beginning to grow when we arrived back. They are already much larger than just a few days ago when you could barely see them.

It isn’t all good though – unfortunately. Below is a section of the garden that isn’t used much, and I haven’t touched it since last autumn. As you can see, I have my work cut out here.

I will wait a few weeks and take “after” photos of the same scenes – hopefully, there will be a big difference in the last picture!