My Top 10 Home & Garden Blogs To Follow

I might be new to blogging myself, but I am no newbie when it comes to reading home and garden blogs written by others. Here is my list of recommended UK home and garden blogs – it isn’t that there aren’t some great blogs on the topic from bloggers from other countries, because there are, but with our UK weather being so “unique” for want of a better word, I tend to read mostly articles written by others who are facing the same challenges of long wet winters and unreliable summers.

So here, in no particular order, are my top 10.

Veg Plotting

I really enjoy reading the posts by Michelle author of Veg Plotting. It might be because she is of my generation (well, maybe a bit younger!) and like me, she loves to grow her own veg on her allotment in Wiltshire. Michelle’s blog is widely read and she has been featured in many national newspapers, including the Guardian and Telegraph.

The Middle-Sized Garden

The middle-sized garden is just what it says on the tin – a blog by Alexandra Campbell, who as well being a blogger is also a published author and journalist. In addition, she offers courses on blogging, as well as looking after her middle size garden – I don’t know how she finds the time! Her blog posts offer some great tips on managing a middle size garden and keeping it up-to-scratch when you don’t have outside help.

The Blackberry Garden

The Blackberry Garden is written by Alison Levey, who lives in a semi in the East Midlands where she enjoys he large garden. Alison takes excellent close-up photographs,  and it is so interesting to see her lovely garden change through the seasons. The Blackberry garden features lots of book and reviews, and I have bought a number of items on Alison’s recommendations, and am always more than satisfied.

Vertical Veg

Vertical Veg is a fabulous resource for those new to growing veg, or those who live in a town with very little growing space. Mark Ridsdill Smith is passionate about helping people to grow their own vegetables and shows you how to grow herbs and veggies from the smallest of outdoor containers. Mark also offers courses online for those who need further help with their growing endeavours.

Lobster & Swan

Lobster & Swan is a long-established blog maintained by Jesko, who lives in a gorgeous shabby chic house in East Sussex. Jesko blogs on a number of topics, from DIY tips and tutorials to advice on interior design. She works as a stylist and photographer, while also running an online shop with her husband which sells some exquisite items for the home and garden.

Pippa Jameson Interiors

Pippa Jameson is TV presenter, who also recently worked as a style consultant for the Asda’s George Home launch, and a designer on the ITV1 series Bad Builders Bang To Rights.

She uses her popular blog to share her extensive knowledge of home design including renovation tips and upcoming trends. There is alare some excellent high street recommendations to help the regular homeowner make improvements without spending a fortune.

Love Chic Living

Love Chic Living was created by Jen Stanbrook in 2012 who uses the platform to share her family focused home design tips, that are easily accessible even if you are on a low budget. Jen’s blog has won several awards including Cosmopolitan’s Best Home Interiors Blog. Jen has also worked on a number of TV and film productions.

The Ordinary Lovely

Rachel from Wales is the author of The Ordinary Lovely which she founded in 2014. Rachel blogs about anything she thinks make life that little bit lovelier.

Rachel is a mother to two, and she loves to write about products and ideas to brighten up the home, making a functional fun living space.

Bright Bazaar

Founded in 2009 by blogger and creative consultant Will, Bright Bazaar is full of fabulous bright colour and decorating ideas, to brighten up even the drabbest of spaces. Will also shares travel tips and personal stories, and has a large social media presence.

Will has also written a book which I can highly recommend to anyone interested in creative interior design: Bright Bazaar: Embracing Colour For Make-You-Smile Style.

One Good Thing by Jillee

Jillee from One Good Thing shares her knowledge on all things related to home keeping, lifestyle and home improvement. She provides plenty of simple DIY tricks and tips on organisation that will also help you save money over buying expensive cleaning products and garden furnishings.

Well, there you have it  that’s my list of my favourite home and garden bloggers. Please let me know your own preferred sites in the comments!