Eyebrow tattoos – Permanent or Semi-Permanent?

Eyebrow tattooing is fast becoming as popular as acrylic nails or hair extensions. Without doubt, things are moving on from the days of powders and pencils! One of the biggest dilemmas is whether to go permanent or semi-permanent. Here’s what you need to know before making your choice.

Is it all Just a Phase?

Getting a permanent tattoo of any kind is something to seriously think about before you go ahead. While permanent makeup is the latest thing right now it has been around for centuries! In fact, archaeologists have dated it back to the stone age! Indeed, it has been discovered in many cultures, from the Incas to the Egyptians. In this way, you could say that permanent makeup if far from a phase. More the fact that technology has advanced a lot of late and it has become more accessible than ever.

Permanent or Semi-Permanent – What’s the Difference

Bottom line, neither can be washed off! Regulations with regards to “definition” change from country to country, which can make it confusing. The primary difference is the pigment used. Carbon-based pigment last much longer than oxide-based ink. However, both will fade over time. If you do not want to commit yourself entirely then stay away from the carbon-based eyebrow tattoo. However, even they will fade over time which is a good thing. After all, the appearance of our natural skin and hair does this. This allows for tweaking in the future, so the look stays natural and in-keeping as time goes on. Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos last between twelve and eighteen months. Which you choose depends on how confident you are about the procedure.


As said, whether semi-permanent or permanent you cannot go home and wash it off! Without question, you need to look at the level of artistry achieved by any eyebrow tattooing clinic you are considering. Eyebrow tattoos should look natural so that it gives the impression you were “born with it”.  You cannot have an eyebrow tattoo if you are pregnant or taking certain medications – Ensure to tell the technician about any health issues, medications or pregnancy before undergoing treatment.


People opt for eyebrow tattoos for various reasons. Often, it is simply to lessen their morning routine. Some are simply bad at makeup because their artistic ability is not good, to which, they get a professional makeup artist to deal with it for them. Perfect sense really! For those with allergies to topical makeup permanent makeup can be the solution. In some cases, people literally have no eyebrows at all – consistently having to fill them in can be monotonous and time-consuming: Eyebrow tattoos are the perfect solution.

If you are feeling a little cautious about eyebrow tattooing but would like to try it out, then semi-permanent is going to be the way forward. Although as pointed out previously, this will last for at least a year. If everything works out, you can go ahead with a more permanent tattoo next time. Ultimately, like most things, it’s all about preference.